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Running coach for Mother runners

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As a fellow mom, I know how hard it is to stay on track to meet my personal goals. I am committed to YOU to have sustainable programs that will fit into any busy mama’s schedule.

I know that you want to fit in strength training but just can’t seem to find it in you. You don’t think you are worth prioritizing yourself over your significant other, kids, job. I get it. It’s hard. But mama, you can and should do this, because if you don’t, who will??? 

StrongMom StrongFamily programing is built on the foundation that you need to take care of yourself so that you can take care of everyone else. 

Don’t let the mom guilt weigh you down. You do have time to make yourself a priority and I am here to help. Check out the different options below, I can’t wait to get to see you grow and become a bigger and better version of you, for you AND your family. 


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Client Testimonials

SOO glad to have met Melissa and gotten to know her. She's been a true inspriation when it comes to finding time to do HER thing and take car of HERSELF in the midst of crazy motherhood and a job!!! I've been watching her and it has given me the nudge to go back to doing the same for myself...

Nina W.

Yesterday was a busy and long day...I fit in lunges across the yard while the kids played and a few planks before bed. Today was field day for my school so I was on my feet all day but iI again ended my day with lunges across the yard and planks. Without this [makemovementhappen] challenge I'm quite certain I would have just skipped these extras. 

Rebecca B.

Good Morning Tribe!

I am thankful for this group. You all help motivate me to move when I am tired or overwhelmed and I appreciate the knowledge I learn from our leader Melissa. 

Thank you!

Diane M.

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