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I help busy mamas make movement happen to get STRONG!

After more than a decade of amateur distance running I fell in love with kettlebells, I came across kettlebells in 2011 and was intrigued, to say the least. I dabbled with a home workout video with a 10pound ‘bell. Soon, I was able to start increasing the weight. During this time, I was still signing up for training for half marathons, logging 5+ hrs a week of running and I was not seeing the results I was expecting from running all of those miles. With 12-14hr work days and a tool that was portable, I could squeeze in a lunchtime sweat sesh in less than 30 minutes! That is when the desire to be STRONG overrode the desire to be smaller. Gone went those weekend long runs! Over the next several years, I added more kettlebells to my home gym, as well as a barbell and integrated bodyweight training. In July 2014, I earned my kettlebell instructor certification, StrongFirst Girya (SFG) Level 1.

  • This was just after returning from my last naval deployment only two months earlier.
  • I was able to train with minimal equipment, space and time.

After that, I continued strength training through two pregnancies, breastfeeding, working full time teaching mathematics at the undergraduate level and ultimately earned my SFG Level 2 in September 2018.

Additionally, I know that exercise and movement alone will not keep us heathy. I earned and have maintained my Precision Nutrition (PN) Level 1 to be able to provide solid nutrition guidance to support the busy mama lifestyle.

I do still love a good run on a nice sunny day and the occasional 5k fun run! My current strength goal is my StrongFirst Bodyweight certification in October 2019, where I need to be able to do a one-arm push-up! Follow my progress through my Instagram stories!

core values

Be Strong

  • Prioritize building strength in Body & Mind
  • Making time to focus on goals

Grow Big

  • Take risks, go big or go home!
  • Stop trying to make yourself smaller!! 

Move OFten

  • As much as possible. Fill up water bottle, park farther from the office, dance with the kids!
  • Take the littles along and set the example

Enjoy Every.Day

  • This moment is here only 1 time. EVER. 
  • Strive to have fun and to not let the uncontrollables have control!
  • I challenge you to do the same

let’s go

Melissa Szurovy


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