A reminder that walking can soothe the soul, clear the mind, and help lower your stress hormone, cortisol.ย 

Click the image for a brief video demo!

Instead of focusing on strength training, today I’m focusing on internal training!

Not to overuse the term selfcare, but all the stressors are fighting to take over: full time mom/employee/teacher etc… It doesn’t matter what you used to do, this is different than it was for EVERYONE.ย 

We are all under more “stress” whether we feel it a lot. And I love a good run, or row, and definitely a good lift, but sometimes, you need to calm your body and a walk outdoors (if allowable in your area) is just what you need. All of those other training modalities I mentioned, raise cortisol, our stress hormone. Walking actually LOWERS cortisol. So you can get in your movement, and help battle all the daily life stressors at the same time. Multitasking at its finest!ย 

If you cannot get outdoors, try to pace in your house, maybe down a hallway? Ok, that doesn’t sound super great either??? Try some yoga. My friend Tanya has been doing Bodyweight Bliss Yoga on Tuesday’s and I have been LOVING it. You can follow her here on Facebook and get all the details. (No affiliate, just a friend of mine and you should join her!)

    I hope you enjoy this workout and are able to find some time to #makemovementhappen in whatever is your “new normal”

    If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to reach out to me!