Race Info

August 28-30th — Race Weekend! 

$30 Registration Fee


What is a Virtual 5k?

A virtual 5k is a 3.1 mile race that you do on your own. Since races have been postponed or cancelled during COVID 19 doing a virtual 5k is the next best thing. 

We will all commit to running the same weekend. We will take pictures, post our route, and cheer each other on as we cross our own finish lines.


Have you picked up running since gyms closed?

Have you signed up for a bunch of races this summer but they've been cancelled?


Have no fear! The Dog Days of Summer virtual 5k is here to support you and encourage you to continue training and have fun doing it. 


This spring and summer is nothing like we have ever seen. No activities, no gyms, no races, maybe even no real vacations. We have all had our moments where we get sad, frustrated, and angry at the situation but like most women we pull up our big girl panties and we keep on going.  


No gym?


Thats okay, start running.


No kid activities?


That is okay, slip and slides all summer long. Camp mom is going to be fun! 


No vacation?


That is okay, movie and pizza day every Friday



As women we make the best out of every situation. Tanya and Melissa have seen a lot of women and more specifically moms starting to run more and more. Running is a great outlet for two reasons.


  1. It’s a great workout and so good for the body.
  2. It has the potential to give you some much needed alone time from your kids. Unless you are pushing them in a stroller. If that is you, you deserve a superhero cape and badge.  


Melissa started the StrongMomRunClub on facebook and the support and accountability has been amazing. We would love for you to join us there. 


Together, we thought it would be fun to celebrate a summer of running by doing a virtual 5k all together the weekend of Aug 28-30


Why is there a registration fee? 

The $30 fee covers your official Dog Days of Summer tank top, bib number and weekly running educational zooms.

Additionally, $10 donation to the organization Black Mamas Matter Alliance. This organization means a lot to Tanya and Melissa because as mothers we can’t imagine what it must feel like to be women of color and have 3 times the risk of dying during childbirth. No mother should go into the hospital to give birth and fear for their life. 

Ok, I’m in!

What’s next?

Yes! Register here by August 2nd (to guarantee your tank and bib arrive in time) then check your email to get your invitation to the Facebook Group: StrongMomRunClub. 

There you’ll get:


Weekly education zooms [start week of Jul 6]


Dog Days of Summer Virtual 5k Weekend Begins in









Register to Race!

Run a Virtual 5k the weekend of August 28-30th! Share with your family, friends and neighbors, near and far! We are excited to race with you virtually and to be able to donate to the Black Mamas Matter Alliance to improve the medical care Black mamas receive.