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How to Swing a Kettlebell

Training by Melissa Szurovy

Let’s get to work!

If you are looking for quality kettlebells, look no further. You can get high quality kettlebells that are perfect for swinging that are durable and used at most StrongFirst certifications. Click the button below for my affiliate link to the Perform Better Kettlebells.

If you have enjoyed your journey learning the kettlebell swing, I would love the opportunity to continue to teach you many of the other amazing kettlebell skills. This adds to the variety in which you are able to get in short, yet effective training sessions. You can join the BusyMom FitClub or work with me individually.Β 

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The FitClub is open for new members! Join now for structured kettlebell workouts designed to work with the BusyMom’s jam-packed schedule.