Kettlebell Workout Bundle

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Your are a busy mama. you are a strong mama!

Looking for time to get to the gym or studio exhausts you. You want a way to work on your strength, but just can’t seem to gather enough energy. The kettlebell workout bundle is for you!!!

Why you need this

You are overwhelmed with all.the.things: work, kids’ schedules, date nights, girls nights, oh and yes, you need to get sleep in there too!

Just 5-15 minutes of intentional daily movement will

  • improve your mood
  • boost your energy
  • give you a sense of personal accomplishment

You will better serve your kids/spouse/boss when YOU take care of YOU

What you get 

30 Workouts

5, 10 & 15 minute options

Mix & Match – 1000 combinaitons

Video demonstrations

Start today

You are worth it! 

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I designed the Kettlebell Workout Bundle for all the women who struggle to find the time for themselves. I know that if you invest in yourself now, your own self confidence will grow exponentially more than if you wait for the “right time”. From my own personal experience, there is no “right time”. If we look hard enough, we will find an excuse to keep waiting. So look hard enough and find your reason to start now. Start investing in yourself today, Once you get started, you only regret will be that you didn’t start sooner. Here’s to no regrets!


“SOO glad to have met Melissa and gotten to know her. She’s been a true inspriation when it comes to finding time to do HER thing and take car of HERSELF in the midst of crazy motherhood and a job!!! I’ve been watching her and it has given me the nudge to go back to doing the same for myself…”

Nina W.

Yesterday was a busy and long day…I fit in lunges across the yard while the kids played and a few planks before bed. Today was field day for my school so I was on my feet all day but iI again ended my day with lunges across the yard and planks. Without this [makemovementhappen] challenge I’m quite certain I would have just skipped these extras.

Rebecca B.



Kettlebell Workout Bundle

Kettlebell Workout Bundle

Perfect for busy moms to make movement happen

Mix & Match 30 workouts

Ten workouts of 5, 10 or 15 minutes

Only one weight required

Perfect to do at home or in your office

Kettlebells are the Gateway to Strength 

Put in the work. See results.

Don’t regret wiating to start


You can Start Today!