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14 Day #MakeMovementHappen Challenge

Why do I want to do a #makemovementhappenchallenge?

First, I’ve been on the struggle bus 🚌 lately getting my desired movement in since my Hashimoto’s diagnosis, just over a month ago. Since then, I have spent more time reading than usual, which has meant less movement happening. I have needed more time to thinking about my food to maintain gluten free, dairy free, soy free, and a few others (safflower oil, yes, that is in all the snack foods!).

For me… I took myself off the 1000mg of daily naproxen to give my liver a break from having to metabolize that (prescribed since last fall🙄) for my muscle and joint aches and boy-oh-boy, do they ache again. 😏 And I know that I feel better when I move.

Second, I know you are a busy mama too and I want to help you find ways to make movement happen daily in your lives with your littles!!!

Third, getting the movement in now (with the nicer weather) before the littles are out of school is a better opportunity to start a new habit with your current routine than trying to add this with the change of shuttling the kids to a new camp each week! One change at a time is easier than trying to do too many at a time.

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I’m running a 14-Day Make Movement Happen Challenge in my FREE Facebook group: StrongMom StrongFamily Tribe and I want to help keep you, as well as myself, accountable. I’ll provide more guidance after you sign up to make sure you have a broad scope of movements you can add into your daily movement! I will also provide daily FitTips for busy mamas to find ways to make movement happen.

What kind of movement? Whatever works for YOU!! Walking, running, lifting, playing tag with your kids, you name it! The only requirement is that it is intentional. For instance: I intentionally park my car farther away from my office building to have a longer walk, not that I parked there because there was no closer parking 😉

I’ll provide a pinned post to the FB group on Saturday, May 11th, with 5 movement options for you if you need ideas!!

Join me. Lace up your shoes (or not, if you like to be barefoot). And Move Often!

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When is it?

Kicks off May 13 – May 26

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