Level Up Your Strength


Kettlebell & Bodyweight

Integrated for robust yet efficient strength training

Build a Foundation

Focus on movement quality over quantity before 


Work through 8 weeks of new movements with a focus on strength training with kettlebells

A strength training program that TEACHES movements

Ready to Level Up Your Strength, but don't know where to start?

The Powerful Mom Project is designed to help moms become stronger, faster, and more efficient in their everyday lives through kettlebell based strength training.

Strength Training is a vital component to improving your running, cycling or sport. When it comes to what to do for strength training, there are a multitude of options. I'm here to help you take the guess work out what to do.

I created this program for you to be able to get in a solid strength trainign session at home, in less than 30 minutes a day, to complement a running program. So if this sounds like you. Click the button below.

Level Up your Strength

What Is The Powerful Mom Project?

You’re ready to commit to a program that includes Strength Training with KETTLEBELLS

You've seen them, maybe even tried them, but without proper instruction, you haven't fallen in love yet!

You want to be stronger

One thing we can never get back is time. And as women age, they need strength training more than ever to maintain bone density and keep up with our kids (and perhaps grandkids!)

You don't have a lot of spare time

The unique shape of the kettlebell perfectly lends itself to combination movements that work multiple muscle groups simultaneously, ultimatley getting your full body training session complete in less time.

You are ready to conquer your fear of the kettlebell

That little iron ball with a handle sure does look intimidating. But as a certified instructor for more than six years, with proper training, you will LOVE it. No more sets of 20 dumbbell curls in your future! 

You believe me when I say you won’t get “bulky” from strength training

It takes a conserted effort for anyone, especially women, to "bulk" up, to include literally HOURS with the weights and precise nutrtion and nutrition timing. The Powerful Mom Project will make you strong but not the Hulk

Run faster, get stronger

Who should not join the Powerful Mom Project??

I realize this program isn’t for everyone. But as a mother, I know how hard you work to provide for your family, put food on the table and love those littles, just to name a few of the things you do for your family. I also know how hard it can be to find a routine that fits into your pockets of time.

You already run as fast as you would like

If you don’t want to improve your current running pace, then the Powerful Mom Project is NOT for you

You think strength training has no place in a running program

Most collegiate athetic teams have “lifting” sessions in addition to practice. This is to ensure that all the muscles get stronger togehter, and not just the main muscle groups for the sport. While your college days are behind you, if all your doing is running, there are accessory muscle groups that need to be strengthened too. 

You don’t want to expand your knowledge

I fully believe we should never stop learning. Whether it be course work, reading or listending to podcats, this applies to exercising too. Learning new movements can be fun and fulfilling, especially when you get to see strength gains. The Powerful Mom Project will teach you kettlebell movements safely and effectively in the comfort of your own home.

You aren’t willing to invest in yourself

You deserve to do this for you. The Powerful Mom Project will give you 20-30 minutes per day of time to focus on you. What are you waiting for?

What you can expect

Results. Strength. Speed.

App Access

Upon payment you’ll get a welcome email with instructions to get your account set up and to download the app. Once you’re in, you’ll see the welcome video and Week 1 will be live. Length of access depends if you choose the coaching level or DIY. Options for continuous access after the time expires.


Strength + Running

Every running program I’ve seen has had “strength training” days but haven’t said what to do! The Powerful Mom Project links a running program with a strength program. Three weekly workouts  that will complement running over 8 weeks will get you to level up your strength and speed!

Reach Your Goals

If you’re really ready to reach those goals of yours, the Powerful Mom Project with coaching gets you 1:1 access to coaching by Melissa for the 8 week program. Having individual support is key to personal success. 

About Melissa

Melissa is a full-time working mom of two kids in elementary school. She knows how hard it is to fit in all the requirements as a mom, wife and employee and that finding time for yourself is hard to do, yet so important. She started strength training as a hobby, and after becoming a mom, knew she wanted other moms to feel the excitement of getting STRONG and that became her new passion, helping you! 

She is a certified StrongFirst Girya Level 2 Kettlebell Instructor & Postnatal Fitness Specialist. The kettlebell is such a unique tool that can get strength and conditioning in simultaneously, ultimately saving time. And moms need all the time saving hacks we can get! While the kettlebell is her favorite type of weight, she knows how to modify movements for dumbbells, barbells and bodyweight and specifically for moms. 

Melissa looks forward to sharing your strength journey with you.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: How many kettlebells do I need?

A: You can start with just one bell. I recommend most women start with a 12kg (around 25 lbs) if new to strength training, but if you’ve been doing strength, I suspect you’ll want to add to your kettlebell family very soon


Q: What if I don’t have a kettlebell? 

A: Other weights like dumbbells can be used but the kettlebell’s unique shape is the best for the the movements in the Powerful Mom Project.


Q: How will I get access to the program?

 A: You will get access to through a customized app with your own username and password or you can use a browser and there will be downloadable formats for tracking progress


Q: How will I track my progress? 

A: The App has exercise recording and there are printable worksheets for each module for notes and all the strength sessions.


Q: How long will I have access to the program? 

A: This is a one-time purchase with lifetime access to the content. App access is for 90 days from date of purchase. App extension options available.


Q: What if I haven’t been working out lately or I’m new to strength training?

A: This program is progressive and you’ll add weight as you progress through