13th 13.1 πŸ‘Š πŸ’₯ πŸ‘Š

It’s been a hot minute since I felt this great after a race.

While it just may have been my slowest half marathon ever, I signed up for it when I was having random chest pains.

So completing this one means

a) I was cleared of any heart issues before training began (yay!)

b) I’m really excited to start the next phase

c) I got to run for fun

After having c0v!d in September last year, and the fatigue that followed, it’s been an interesting training cycle. But I only missed 2 runs out of 36 so I’ll call that a win. πŸ˜‰

Especially for training through the biggest transitions period of my life!

I am thankful for my physical therapist Amber, at Rehab to Perform not only for her great work  but for never saying β€œI don’t think you should run that far” and her continuous effort to keep me in my running shoes.

I also got to run this race side by side with my mama. And neither of us were hurting (well I had some random left foot issues, which is my one good joint left, but that seems to have been a distraction for the other arthritic joints!)

This was a β€œpeak” race for me and a β€œB” race for her, as her peak race is in 2 weeks. It was cool seeing how we both were in training with a race together but have different goals and therefore a different training plan!!! 

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Another thing that I realized, is that running with autoimmunity is hard. The amount of sleep I needed to recover was pretty intense the last few weeks. I had had some growing hopes for a fall/winter marathon but that wont be on the list in the next year. 

Until then, I’ll be hanging out in both the free StrongMom RunClub community as well as with the 🌟 VIP 🌟 ladies!

It at least gives me a greater purpose to get excited to work on speed over the next couple of months before my next long race – the Annapolis 10 Mile Run!!!

What is your next race???