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Strongmom fitclub

Melissa Szurovy – Strength Coach for moms

Certified Kettlebell Instructor

Certified under StrongFirst as a level 2 kettlebell instructor, I can show you how to safely move and add weights to your movement to get STRONG.

Nutrition Support

As a certified Precision Nutriton Coach and fellow busy mom, I’ll give tips on how to implement practices and recipes that don’t take hours away that you don’t have.


A “paid members only” accountability group that you will find daily motivation and support from other busy moms.

Monthly programming so you won’t get bored with the same routine over and over.

Monthly accountability tracker


Strong MOM

Training With Melissa Szurovy

What are you waiting for? It's time for you to put yourself at the top of your priority list and invest in YOU!


All you need is a kettlebell or a dumbbell and a desire to make a change. I'm here to help you shift your priorities and take the guess work out of "what to do". I want you to realize that you DO have the time to #makemovementhappen

You know your kids are always watching. Let's set the example and show them how to live your best life! You can even include them in your movement practice if that is how it fits into your schedule!

The StrongMom FitClub will give you a group of other mamas that know how hard it is to do ALL. THE.. THINGS.

I'll coach you along the way. To have the best movement pattern for your body and to encourage you to keep making yourself a priority!

Let's do this!!!


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Offers & Details


3 workouts per week


Each workout is 25 minutes or less


Workouts change every calendar month


Monthly Workout Plan delivered via App or web browser with tracking options


Access to coaching by Melissa


Required Equipment: Kettlebell or Dumbbell


Nutrition Tips for the busy mom


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Why Strength Training

you’re a busymom

These workouts can be done at home when the kids are sleeping or playing across the room. You don’t need to find time to get to a gym or a babysitter. 

Building strength will give you more energy to play with your littles as they grow and not have to watch them from the sidelines. 

Set the example for your family. Strong Moms create Strong Families. Are you ready to lead from the front?


Strength Training

You can (and will) build strength in as little as 3 days a week for less than 25 minutes per day. The StrongMom FitClub does not require hours upon hours to see progress.


It’s so hard not to pick at your kid’s chicken fingers and french fries. This program has tips built in that will walk you through better food choices and won’t make you feel like you’re on a restricted diet.

Weight Loss

May be a side effect of the StrongMom FitClub but it’s primary goal is to guide you to get STRONG, ultimately giving you more energy to be with yoru family.

what They're Saying

Client Testimonials

SOO glad to have met Melissa and gotten to know her. She's been a true inspriation when it comes to finding time to do HER thing and take car of HERSELF in the midst of crazy motherhood and a job!!! I've been watching her and it has given me the nudge to go back to doing the same for myself...

Nina W.

Yesterday was a busy and long day...I fit in lunges across the yard while the kids played and a few planks before bed. Today was field day for my school so I was on my feet all day but iI again ended my day with lunges across the yard and planks. Without this [makemovementhappen] challenge I'm quite certain I would have just skipped these extras. 

Rebecca B.

Good Morning Tribe!

I am thankful for this group. You all help motivate me to move when I am tired or overwhelmed and I appreciate the knowledge I learn from our leader Melissa.

Thank you!

Diane M.

What you pay

Enrollment open! Special Deal for the Kettlebell Swing Challengers! 

What You Get

StrongMom FitClub


Monthly Programming


3 Workouts/week


Nutrition Tips for Busy Moms

StrongMom FitClub


Accountability Group


Personalized Coaching


Price increase

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