Summer is here!!!!

Therefore, so there is summer runnin’!!!

One of the biggest challenges to summer running is always the heat and humidity. With the heat and humidity, this requires an adequate hydration plan, even on some of your shorter runs!

So I have reviewed 4 different hydration stations all from Nathan Sports. Click on the images to check out the Instagram reel review.



First off, is the handheld. These have improved so much over the years. With the collapsible flask and new and improved hand strap, it is perfect for the shorter training runs.

The only downfall is the obvious, you have something in your hand.


  • Pocket for keys/gel
  • Easy to use
  • 18oz capacity
  • Collapsible flask

Recommendation: Great for training for 10 mile runs or less!

ExoDraw 2.0 Insulated 18oz Handheld

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Hypernight QuickStart 2.0 4 Liter Hydration Pack – Hi Vis Yellow/Geo Print / OSFM

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I chose a One Size Fits Most vest and felt that it fit well. Aside from being obviously hand-free, here are some other great attributes of the vest:


  • 4L capacity
  • MANY pockets – 2 on back, 3 on front
  • 6 Adjustable Straps


  • Will take a few tries to figure out best strap adjustments
  • Need to learn how to properly “burp” the bladder to get all the air out

One thing to mention, I didn’t do a “long” run with this, so I can’t promise, but I didn’t have any chafing with this option!

I wore a camelbak circa 2008-2010 timeframe to have hydration on my long runs, and I ALWAS had chafing somewhere.

Recommendation: This is a perfect selection for half marathon training and longer.



This is another type of hydration I used to use back in the day, but also had lots of chafing and bobbing of the bottles.

I was pleasantly surprised about this waist belt! And I even figured out what that little strap is for on the side.


  • 18oz capacity
  • Handsfree
  • 1 medium sized pocket + elastic strap
  • No bottle bouncing
  • Insulated


  • Needed some adjustment for optimal placement
  • Had to rotate the bottle to the front to unlatch
  • Pocket didn’t fit my iPhone 11 Pro Max sized phone

I initially wasn’t a fan, but after reviewing my reivew (click to the right to check it out), I think I may give it another go!

Recommendation: Perfect for 10 mile runs or less.

Limitless 2 Literย Sling

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This was a late add-on to try. When searching for a vest, I came across the sling, so figured I needed to give it a go, especially since I carry around a belt bag all the time.


  • So many pockets!!!
  • Easy to use when on the front
  • No bouncing!


  • Came with 14oz flask, stated 2L capacity
  • Couldn’t find a way to keep it on the back

Recommendation: I think this sling will be perfect for trail running, where you need to carry extra gear, and usually are running a little slower due to terrain.


If you’re like me and can see things better in a table than in text, check out the chart I made for you!

Summarizes my recommended distance as well as the capacities, pockets, etc…

If you want more education about running gear, when to hydrate, how much, etc… you can get this with a custom coaching plan with me! Ask me how.ย 

I hope this was helpful and if you try one out, leave a comment bleow love to know what you think!!!