Common answers: Satisfy hunger. Celebrate life’s wins. It’s dinner time. Anxiety. Grief. Sadness. Comfort. Don’t want to waste the food.

These are all reasons we eat. And that’s ok! But do you choose what you eat in those situations to nourish your body? To include the macro and micro nutrients that your brain needs to think properly, your muscles need to move well, energy for your body to do autonomous actions like digestion, and your organs need to function???

So here is your reminder that eating should be enjoyable. You should savor the flavors of your food. And a easy way to assess if you’re foods will meet all of your body’s needs is to eat the rainbow (and no not skittles)!

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Now, how to assess all of those vitamins or minerals, also known as micro nutrients? The different colors of foods have different micro nutrients that fuel your body in varieties of ways. So when in doubt, try to have a colorful plate. And if you find yourself with less colors in one meal, just remember that for the next! One less than optimal meal does not mean the end. It means you had one less than optimal meal.  So get back to the rainbow days of preschool and vary the color palate on your plate!

Enjoy your food and let it nourish you too!