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I specialize in creating programs that will fit any busy mom’s schedule to make her STRONG 

I get it mama. There is just not enough time in the day to shuttle the kids, get to work, get dinner on the table, fold the laundry, AND get in a workout. those 24 hours add up. I mean you are probably working on tomorrow’s presentation while the kid’s are sleeping and you’re waiting for the washer to finish and hope you didn’t stay up late and STILL forget to put it in the dryer before heading to bed. So I have come up with a couple of ways that you can still make your fitness a priority in less than 1% of your week. You’ll gain strength, confidence, & still be a good mom, if not even a better mom.

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This is an opportunity for us to chat and we can find out  how I can help you, as a busy mom, get STRONG. I’m committed to giving you resources to find ways to #makemovementhappen that will demonstrate how you can Prioritize YOU in less than 1% of the week. 


Discovery call

Schedule a 1:1 phone consultation with me and we will find a program that work for you. No obligations.


Downloadable and available immediately.

StrongMom RunClub VIP Membership

Get personalized training plans, continued support, monthly group training and more to get you to cross that finish line with confidence! Enrollment is currently closed. Click the link to join the free StrongMom RunClub Facebook Group.

Powerful Mom Project

An 8-week program to teach you the fundamental kettlebell movements while building your strength as a runner.  Get started immediately after purchase.

Kettlebell Workout Bundle

30 at-home kettlebell workouts, 15 minutes or less. Each movement has video demonstration. Available to download immediately after purchase.

1:1 Training

An individual 12 week training plan personalized to your individual goals. Monthly check-in calls/video. Option to add additional calls at a discounted rate. Initial consultation included once booked to discuss goals. 


Training With Melissa Szurovy

What You Get

Options for distance coaching for individual programming.

The premier and standard personal training plans include an assessment to determine goals, health history to provide the best plan for you.

Premier Personal Training Plan


Individual plan to support your goals


daily check ins


Weekly 30 minute coaching call

Standard Personal Training Plan


Individual Plan to support your goals


Weekly check ins


Monthly 30 minute coaching call

Video Coaching Calls

Packages available


You choose the coaching topic


long term training plan


consistent feedback

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