With the coronavirus keeping everyone home and without access to gyms, I will start adding workouts you can do at home with minimal equipment. And once a week, I will have one that will be particularly fun for you to incorporate with your littles!

Workout #1:

This is a bodyweight workout: No equipment necessary.ย 

Part 1:

  • You will alternate between bodyweight squats and push ups.
  • Start with 10 squats followed by 1 push up. This is the first set
  • Next, do 9 squats and 2 push ups.
  • Keep going until you get to 1 squat and 10 push ups.
  • The push ups can be done on an incline, which I demonstrate in the video below. This may be especially useful for those higher reps

Part 2:

  • Set a timer to go off with a 0:20sec work 0:10 sec rest, for 8 rounds If you want, you can also set a 0:10 timer to repeat and know that on your work sets, you’ll do 2 beeps. You’ll want a total of 4 minutes for part 2
  • Start with Russian twists. You’ll sit in a V, you can bend your legs and rotate at your waist. You can try to tap the floor, but isn’t necessary
  • Another option is to keep you feet on the ground for more stability
  • After your 10 second rest, you’ll do a plank. I have a high plank demonstrated but you can also do a forearm plank. In either case, the part of your arm that is on the ground should be directly under your shoulder.
  • One last thought on the planks: these are for 20 seconds For those 20 seconds, try to think about making it so no one would be able to knock you over, then relax, for 10 seconds, before going back to the twists

I hope you enjoy this workout and are able to find some time to #makemovementhappen in whatever is your “new normal”

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to reach out to me!